Thursday, August 22, 2013

aug 2013

i went in for my yearly mammo 2 weeks ago. all's clear. acheson came in and we chatted. i asked if the machine tech had been upgraded as it didn't feel as if i'd been squished as much but she said no, i must just be getting used to it :-S need to make an appt w/the ob. but right now i'm in jury duty so that will have to wait. i did learn that jenny had a baby and moved back to TX since last aug. that actually really upset me. she was always so on top of things, thorough, and willing to listen. it's going to be really hard to go see someone else. i'm crying now just thinking about it. i really odn't want the headache of having to teach someone new all about me. i really hope i don't have to keep telling her to 'check the chart and see what jenny did' which is my fear. i guess i'll let you know how it goes!